Over 50? 9 Discounts Most Seniors Fail To Claim In 2020

By David Wilson | Dash Savings

There's so many discounts available to Australian seniors but unfortunately most seniors are missing out because they don’t know about them. That’s why we put together this list of the top discounts available for seniors in 2020. But you won’t get these discounts unless you ask for them!

1. Save on Groceries

Here’s a list of places where you can expect to save some money while grocery shopping:

  • IGA offers 5-10% off (days may vary in individual stores so make sure to check them in advance);
  • Foodworks gives 5-10% off based on the specific store;
  • Kmart stores have a discount day for all seniors. You must present your card to the staff for the discount to apply (also, don’t forget to check a specific store in advance since the days might vary);
  • Goodies & Grains gives seniors 10% discount on total purchase excluding juicing machines and cartons of coconut water;
  • 5% discount is offered at Goodwood Foodland (on Thursdays), Darlington Foodland (Monday to Friday), Parafield Gardens Foodland (Monday to Friday), Romeo’s Retail Group (on Thursdays), Seaford Foodland (Monday to Friday), and Vince’s Foodland (Monday to Friday)
  • Seven Ways Supermarket gives 10% off total bill;
  • Kilmore produce offers 10% discount storewide;
  • Wildsea Australian Seafood gives 10% off purchases;
  • 10% discount at Penny Farthing Sweets.

2. Over 50? Get up to 70% OFF at 1000’s of Stores When You Join Senior Advantage

You might be throwing your money away if you are over 50 years old and not a member of Senior Advantage which can get you up to 70% OFF from Australia’s top brands and stores.

Senior Advantage members get access to their website where they can find discounts & coupons (ranging from 10% to 70% OFF) at many popular stores like IGA, Woolworths, Amazon, Coles, Aldi, K-Mart, Bunnings Warehouse, Chemist Warehouse and many others.

When you join Senior Advantage you get immediate access to their website where you can find exclusive discounts, deals and coupons. They have plenty of discounts whether you love to shop online or prefer going to a store. Members also get access to the Best Discounts For 2020 digital book as well as many other books and perks like a personalized 365-day meal plan and a budgeting tool. On average Senior Advantage members save $1,500 each year.

We’ve tried this discounts club ourselves and we love it. One of our staff writers managed to save over $400 a month using the discounts and coupons she found on Senior Advantage website. You can literally save thousands of dollars each year paying for stuff you would have to pay for anyway.

While the membership is not free, Senior Advantage is currently offering a 75% discount to new members. We aren’t sure how long this limited-time offer will last, so take advantage of it while you still can.

P.S. Not everyone may qualify to join Senior Advantage, but you can easily check if you qualify and see if the 75% discount is still valid.

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3. Shopping Discounts

To help Australian seniors afford the cost of living, there are many concession cards available that are as valuable as any income support payment you will receive. The most popular ones – Pensioner Card and Seniors Card (which is provided by each state) – can help you save a considerable amount of money over the year, including savings on health services, medicine, or even sweet discounts offered by private businesses. The secret is: ask, ask, ask!

Seniors Card holders can save 5% of their spendings every time they shop at Lowes, House of Fashion, Athlete’s Foot, Greenfell Shoes, Heaven in Rags, Town & Country Boutique, or Fashion Trends. Some other stores, such as Shop 55 Vintage Clothing Boutique, Jack’s Alterations, Narooma Footwear, House of Mahrer, Donlin Fashions, Raw Spice Boutique, and many more, offer 10% discount for seniors shopping for clothing and accessories all around the country.

Second Edition store offers a 20 percent off full priced items, as well as Bonanno’s Menswear & Gifts, Workwear Sale, and Sana Boutique. There are even some stores, e.g. Frank and Beans Clothing, that offer up to 50% off if you buy online!

You can also get up to 20% at The Iconic, Myer, David Jones (if you are a member of Senior Advantage).

Discounts are available for every Seniors Card holder, although they may vary greatly based on the state or territory so make sure to check with the specific store in your area in advance.

4. Eating Out Discounts

  • You can save 10% at KFC stores with your Seniors Card;
  • Zouk Restaurant offers 10% off food and beverages;
  • Caffeinebox gives 10% off all the beverages, and 15% off all food;
  • 15% off main menu every Wednesday at Café Numero Uno;
  • Portobello Food. Kitchen. Bar offers 25% on total bill;
  • Prices Fresh Bakery Café offers 10% off on Mondays and Tuesdays;
  • 15% discount on everything is available at San Churro Marion;
  • Subway offers a 10% discount on all subs, wraps and salads;
  • 15% discount on total bill at Tafesa Regency Restaurants;
  • Get up to 20% Discount at Thousands Of Restaurants and places like KFC, Subway and more (have to be a member of Senior Advantage);
  • You can get a free cup of coffee with a purchase of a full waffle at Tan Coffee-Waffle Shop;
  • Wood Oven Express offers 20% discount on pizza catering bookings (Sunday-Thursday);
  • Lindsay’s Café offers a 10% off food and beverage on Thursdays;
  • Get 10% off main meals Monday-Friday (lunch and dinner) at Pancake Place;
  • Stirato has a Seniors Wednesday every week and offers a discount of 10%;
  • 25% off all food purchases at Degani Kings Square;
  • 10% off your order at Muffin Break;

And many more! Please keep in mind that these discounts might vary based on your area and individual stores so don’t forget to check in advance.

5. Accommodation Discounts

If you’ve planned a stay someplace away from home but hotel prices for the night give you a headache, make sure to check these places that offer discounts for seniors:

  • Idlewilde Town and Country Motor Inn offers 10% discount;
  • Oaks Hotels & Resorts offers 10% discount all year plus exclusive hotel deals;
  • Buccaneer Motel offers 10% discount off your stay;
  • Complimentary continental breakfast for two (value $25) plus $10.00 off the rack rate in a standard studio room is offered to seniors staying at Dawson Motor Inn;
  • 20% off rates for seniors are offered at Australian Arms Hotel Cricket Club;
  • Yamba Sun Motel drops $10 off regular room rates for seniors (except between Dec 24TH to Jan 8TH);
  • Scotland Island Lodge offers 20% off when staying 2 nights (Monday-Friday);
  • Bower Cottage Accommodation offers $30 off midweek prices when you stay two nights or more;
  • 25% off breakfast with a room rental is available at Sonjas Bed and Breakfast;
  • Tudor Inn Motel gives free continental breakfast with any room booking;
  • Booking 4 nights at Bunkhouse Motel allows you to get 5th one half price;
  • If you’re planning to stay for a week, consider Gloucester Tops Riverside Caravan Park that allows you to pay for 6 nights and get 7th one for free;
  • You can get 20% off at Albury Wodonga Carer Accomodation.

6. Insurance Savings

There are many situations in life when having an insurance could actually benefit you a lot – whether it’s some damage in your house, a robbery, car accident… Having an insurance can give you a feeling of safety and also save you a lot of money if something actually happens. Did you know that as a senior you are given many great insurance discounts? Check them out!

  • Australian Seniors Insurance Agency offers 30% off home insurance, 20% off car insurance, and 10% off travel insurance;
  • 15% lifetime discount off the pet insurance premium is offered at Petsecure Pet Insurance;
  • COTA offers 12 months insurance coverage for the price of 11 months;
  • You can receive a 15% discount on home and content insurance if you’re over 50, and 10% discount on car insurance with your Seniors Card at RAA Insurance;
  • Chartis Insurance offers 40% discount if you buy online;
  • Curo Financial Services offers 10% rebate in your life insurance premium once your policy has been in place for 12 months;
  • Victorian Retired Persons & Pensioners gives 40% off home and contents insurance, and special car rates for drivers over 50.

Sounds great? IT IS! Just please keep in mind that these discounts might change without notice or apply only to the specific locations in different regions, so make sure to check them in advance.

7. Tour national parks cheaper

Although Australia is one big country, each state has different rules, regulations and, of course, fees when it comes to visiting national parks. Being a senior in Australia means that you can take advantage of your age and enjoy the beauty of nature cheaper or even for free.

For the real nature lovers the best deal is to apply for a 1-year concession passes that are offered by many national parks – in this case you would be able to receive up to 30% off. There are also parks that require a separate entry pass, for example Kakadu National Park in Northern Territory (NT). Most other national parks in NT do not have an entry fee and only charge for camping, however, if you are driving through Aboriginal land you MUST have a land permit.

Queensland and Victoria have made their parks free of charge to encourage people to get active in the great outdoors. Seniors Card holders are also able to access Tasmania’s parks completely free until July 1st 2019. What happens after that, you ask? The $76 concessional all parks pass and the $51 one park pass will then be discounted by 50% in the years after that. This means up to a $76 saving in the first year, and a $38 saving per year thereafter!

8. Movie discounts

It’s important to keep yourself entertained every so often, and movie theatres are one of the ways to do that. Some cinemas offer a generous discount of 20% or more which allows you to get a nice snack to enjoy while watching an interesting movie.

There are concession prices available for all sessions at Majestic Cinemas, and they vary from up to 20% slightly over than that based on the specific location. Star Theatre though gives a sweet 25% off full price adult tickets on presentation of your Seniors Card.

Northern Rivers Performing Arts offers 10% off all tickets and regular matinee specials. Ballina Fair Cinema, Great Lakes Cinema 3, and Fay’s Twin Cinema give $2 off regular adult price, while IMAX Theatre helps to save up to $4 on movie tickets.

Dendy Cinemas offer tickets for $13,50 (2D movie) and $16,50 (3D movie) while in Forum Cinema 6 you would pay $12,50, and $12 at both Roseville (Tuesdays) and Metro Cinemas Burnie! For the same $12 or $50 annual price you can enjoy the newest movies at Deckchair Cinema or take your $3 discount that is available at Katherine Cinema 3.

And the winner of the cheapest movie ticket game is Bribie Twin Theatre with $6,50 ticket on budget, and $7,50 on other days!

9. Cruise Discounts & Perks

There are many great deals available for senior travelers, and here’s just a few of them:

  • Matilda Cruises offers to save up to 30% off selected Sydney cruises;
  • Sussex Inlet Travel gives $100 on-board credit for the next cruise booked with them;
  • 3-5% extra off the retail price of cruises by many major companies, such as P & O; Scenic; Royal Caribbean; APT; Cunard; Avalon; Princess; Holland America; Helen Wong, could be found at The Travel Cellar. Take note that this discount is an addition to any offer by the company itself;
  • Rhythmboat cruises gives 20% off Sydney Harbour lunch & dinner entertainment cruises on presentation of Seniors Card (possible to book online);
  • 15% off on river cruise is available at Daintree Connection;
  • All tours are available with a discount of 15% at Noosa Everglades Discovery;
  • Yukon-Tours offers a discounted price of $50 per person, including tea and coffee for the Daily Calm Water cruise on the Huon River.

That's it! We hope you found our discount list helpful!

If you're looking to save more money on groceries, get the latest senior discounts and coupons, sign-up for Senior Advantage - it takes less than 2 minutes to see if you qualify. And if you qualify, be sure to take advantage of their 75% discount available only for new members in Australia.

Please share this discount list with your friends if you think this would help them!! 

- Susan & David.



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